Aktuelles Statement der Saxore vom 26.08.2021

New mining at the Erzgebirge

We as Saxore Bergbau are working for a reanimation of mining in the Erzgebirge/Germany. Main goal is the mining of mineral ores which are essential in most technological products. So far, the metals extracted from those ores, are only available via import including raising prices and mostly exploited under doubtful human rights conditions.

The Deutsche Rohstoffagentur (German Agency for raw materials) classifies tin as “critical raw material”. An ensured supply with domestic mineral raw materials is also a central point of the raw material strategy of the Free State of Saxony.

The Erzgebirge offer vast unexploited deposits, which we plan to develop through modern mining and for the benefit of the region. Therefore, we hold the mining license “Rittersgrün” including the reservoirs “Hämmerlein”, “Tellerhäuser” and “Breitenbrunn”. Besides tin, other metals like zinc, indium, iron and copper can be found there.

We stand for modern mining: carbon-neutral, without major landscape interventions, in dialogue with local residents and with respect for the environment. We want to contribute to an economically strong region and deliver good reasons for future generations to live and work here.

Harmonize tradition and future

Being born and raised in the region living a strong mining tradition, we know how important it is to retain this heritage for future generations. This obviously includes keeping the exhibition mine alive as well as making the future mining open to the public. Therefore, we like to cooperate with existing players who know best how to convey this exciting work.

As holder of the mining license, we are authorized to go down the existing mine to execute necessary research operations. This is a vital part of driving our project forward and making modern mining possible for the region. In order to run the exhibition mine, the operator needs a so called main operating plan, which currently does not exist. The appropriate authorities are taking care of the issue.

Mining – only together

Mining only succeeds as a joint effort, based on mutual trust. At the exhibition mine, safety-relevant concerns occurred, which we reported to the authorities. Security always has been highest priority. Down the mines, carelessness always is dangerous. Our people in the region know that from their own experience.

In the upcoming years until the actual mining starts, the operation of the exhibition mine will hardly be affected. With the start of our work, there will be some restrictions due to security-relevant processes. To compensate that, we will offer tours through our mining areas to show how modern mining works. We always were and will stay cooperative to ensure that the public has access to this continuing tradition.

We stand for open dialogue with all partners in the region and are always transparent regarding our plans. On this basis and together with mining societies, local businesses and the people of the Erzgebirge, we want to make mining come alive again.