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Please note the following data protection information.

Data Protection for Applicants

Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our company. In accordance with the provisions of Articles 13, 14 and 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we would like to inform you about the processing of personal data provided by you in the context of the application process and any personal data we may have collected, and your rights in this regard. In order to ensure that you are fully informed about the processing of your personal data within the application process, please take note of the following information. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

1. Responsible Authority within the Meaning of Data Protection Law

Saxore Bergbau GmbH
Platz der Oktoberopfer 1 A
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: +49 3731 7758160
E-Mail: info@saxorebergbau.com

2. Purpose and Legal Basis of Processing

We process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), insofar as this is necessary for the decision on the establishment of an employment relationship with us. The legal basis for this is Art. 88 GDPR in conjunction with § 26 BDSG as well as, if applicable, Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR for the initiation or implementation of contractual relationships. Furthermore, we may process personal data of you, if this is necessary to fulfill legal obligations (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c GDPR) or to defend against asserted legal claims against us. The legal basis for this is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. The justified interest is, for example, a duty of proof in proceedings under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). If you give us your explicit consent to process personal data for specific purposes, the lawfulness of this processing is based on your consent pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR. Any consent granted can be withdrawn at any time, with effect for the future (see item 9 of this data protection information). If an employment relationship arises between you and us, we may, pursuant to Art. 88 GDPR in conjunction with Art. 26 BDSG, we may further process the personal data already received from you for the purposes of the employment relationship to the extent that this is necessary for the implementation or termination of the employment relationship or for the exercise or fulfillment of the rights and obligations of employee representation arising from a law or a collective agreement, a works or service agreement (collective agreement).

3. Categories of Personal Data

We only process such data that are related to your application. This can be general personal data (name, address, contact details, etc.), information on your professional qualifications and school education, information on further professional training and, if applicable, other data that you provide us with in connection with your application.

4. Sources

We process personal data that we receive from you by post or e-mail in the course of contacting you or your application.

5. Recipient of the Data

Within our company, we only pass on your personal data to those areas and persons who need this data to fulfil contractual and legal obligations or to implement our legitimate interests.

Otherwise, data will only be passed on to recipients outside the company if this is permitted or required by law, if the transfer is necessary to fulfill legal obligations, or if we have your consent

6. Transfer to a Third Country

A transfer to a third country is not intended

7. Duration of Data Storage

We store your personal data as long as this is necessary for the decision on your application. Your personal data or application documents will be deleted within a maximum of six months after completion of the application process (e.g. notification of the decision to reject your application), unless longer storage is legally required or permitted. Beyond this, we only store your personal data to the extent required by law or in a specific case for the assertion, exertion or defence of legal claims for the duration of a legal dispute. In the event that you have consented to a longer storage of your personal data, we will store it in accordance with your declaration of consent.

If an employment, training or internship relationship arises after the application procedure, your data will continue to be stored, if necessary and permissible, and then transferred to the personnel file.

You may be invited to join our pool of applicants following the application procedure. This will allow us to consider you in our selection process for suitable positions in the future. If we have your consent, we will store your application data in our applicant pool in accordance with your consent or, if applicable, future consent.

8. Your Rights

Every data subject has the right of access under Art. 15 GDPR, the right of correction under Art. 16 GDPR, the right of deletion under Art. 17 GDPR, the right to restrict processing under Art. 18 GDPR, the right of notification under Art. 19 GDPR and the right to data transferability under Art. 20 GDPR. In addition, you have the right of appeal to a data protection supervisory authority under Art. 77 DSGVO if you believe that your personal data is not being processed lawfully. The right of appeal is without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy. If the processing of data is based on your consent, you are entitled under Art. 7 DSGVO to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data at any time. Please note that the withdrawal is only effective for the future. Processing that took place before the withdrawal is not affected. Please also note that we may have to retain certain data for a certain period of time in order to comply with legal requirements (see Section 7 of this data protection information).

Right to Object

Insofar as the processing of your personal data pursuant to Art. 6 Par. 1 letter f GDPR is carried out to protect legitimate interests, you have the right pursuant to Art. 21 GDPR to object to the processing of such data at any time for reasons arising from your particular situation. We will then no longer process this personal data unless we can prove compelling reasons for processing worthy of protection. These must outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing must serve to assert, exert or defend legal claims.

9. Voluntariness and Need to provide Personal Data

The provision of personal data in the context of application processes is not required by law or contract. You are therefore not obliged to provide any information about your personal data. Please note, however, that such information may be required to make a decision about an application or a contract of employment with us. If you do not provide us with personal data, we cannot make a decision to establish an employment relationship. We recommend that you only provide personal data in your application that is necessary to complete the application.