From the Middle Ages until 1991, mining for various raw materials, including iron, tin, silver, lead, copper and uranium, took place in the region around the deposit. On the surface many dumps and historical workings from the mining activities can be found. Uranium mining during the last mining period after 1945 had the greatest impact on the region.

Hämmerlein – Tellerhäuser

Starting in 1966, several drillings were made in the Hämmerlein-Tellerhäuser area based on geophysical investigations. Uranium and tin ores were found. Until 1991 the tin deposits were geologically and technologically explored, while uranium was mined from the Tellerhäuser deposit starting in 1983.

Mica Schist

The beginning of the underground exploration of the drill tested areas was marked by the excavation of the Pöhla adit in October 1967, which reached a total length of 7,845.8 m by September 1970. At 3,000 m, the Hämmerlein skarn deposit was passed through, that contained only insignificant occurrences of uranium. With the excavation of cross-cut 2 in 1969 a rich tin mineralisation was found, which was explored from 1970 to 1981 first in Hämmerlein and then in Tellerhäuser until mine closure in 1991.


From 1968 to 1991, 1,307.5 t of uranium were mined in the Tellerhäuser sub-deposit and 12.45 t in Hämmerlin (Schuppan&Hiller, 2012).

Magnetite Skarn

After uranium mining was ceased in 1991, Wismut GmbH, a federal company in Saxony and Thuringia, was founded in the same year and made it its task to comprehensively remediate the regions in Saxony and Thuringia impacted by uranium mining.



Extensive exploration was also carried out in the Breitenbrunn sub-deposit. It took place in three stages. In 1937/1938, the deposit was explored by Sachsenerz Bergwerk AG/GmbH (SEB), from 1964 to 1967 by VEB Geologische Erforschung und Erkundung Freiberg as part of the "Eisen Breitenbrunn" (GFE) project and from 1974 to 1977 by SDAG Wismut.

Amount of drillings (surface)26
2.570 m
3.620 m
Amount of drillings (underground)-440
7.541 m
Channel samples45076-
Mining infrastructureSt. Christoph mine
Fortuna mine
Upper Otto mine
Lower Otto mine