The Gottesberg project includes a regionally important metasomatic greisen deposit with worldwide awarness and importance.

Since February 2019 Saxore holds the Exploration Licence according to §7 Federal Mining Law (BBergG) for the mineral resources specified in the licence.

The tin deposit of Gottesberg is located below the village of the same name, which belongs to the municipality of Muldenhammer in the Vogtland district of Saxony.

The valuable commodity is tin. here you can find more information about this valuable element.

The first mining in Gottesberg was already mentioned between 1512 and 1541.

Map basis: © Staatsbetrieb Geobasisinformation und Vermessung Sachsen (GeoSN) Presentation based on data from the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology

Geological Overview

The area around Gottesberg is morphologically very complex and characterised by centuries of forestry and artisanal mining. In the forests around Gottesberg there are still many witnesses of the mining industry in the form of artificial sinkholes, dumps and quarries. The largest of these artificial sinkholes were over 100 m deep and had a diameter of several ten meters. In addition to these large artificial sinkholes, there were many smaller mines, where the "old ones" mainly mined for tin (cassiterite), but also for iron ore.

Geologically, the Gottesberg tin deposit is located at the western edge of the Eibenstock intrusive complex about 3 km from the western contact of the granite massif with the adjacent schist rocks.

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Gottesberg is a metasomatic greisen deposit. Today the body has been proved to have an extension of 800 x 400 m and a depth of up to 900 m. In the 1940s and 1950s, SDAG Wismut mined uranium in the contiguous granite. Shafts 181 and 295 were in operation until 1955. In the following years until 1985 the exploration of tin took place. For this purpose 21 deep drillings as well as underground drillings and sampling were carried out.

The TIN International AG (at that time still known as Sachsenzinn GmbH) started archive work again in 2007. A drilling programme with 3 deep boreholes was carried out and an exploration programme was set up to identify potential extensions of the main greisen body of Gottesberg.

Saxore Bergbau GmbH has now taken on this task, all with the aim of extracting the grey and silvery shining metal from the rock as green as possible.

JORC resources of the Gottesberg deposit with a cut-off of 0,15 % Sn und 0,35 % Sn.

JORC Ressource Gottesberg 0,15 % cut-off

0,15 % Sn Cut-Off
Ore Resource [Mio. t]10,831,342,1
Sn-content [%]0,260,270,27
Sn [t]29.00085.000114.000
Ore Resource [Mio. t]-42,042,0
Cu-content [%]-0,090,09
Cu [t]-38.00038.000

JORC Ressource Gottesberg 0,35 % cut-off

0,35% Sn Cut-Off
Ore Resource [Mio. t]2,04,86,8
Sn-content [%]0,480,490,49
Sn [t]9.00024.00033.000
Ore Resource [Mio. t]-6,86,8
Cu-content [%]-0,120,12
Cu [t]-8.0008.000